AirGradient ONE Air Quality Monitor

RESET™ Air certified Air Quality Monitor measuring CO2, PM2.5, TVOC, Temperature and Humidity.

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AirGradient ONE

Highest Quality

AirGradient ONE uses high quality sensor modules and every sensor goes through a multi-step testing and calibration process to ensure highest accuracy.

Visual Indicator

AirGradient ONE has a built in visual traffic-light indicator that can be switched on to give direct information of air quality inside the room.

Built to Last

AirGradient ONE has been designed for long-levity and repairability to achieve high RoI and low carbon footprints.


AirGradient ONE connects through WiFi but can be ordered for ModBus and MQTT. Contact us for details.

AirGradient ONE Specifications

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Comes with a Powerful Platform

AirGradient ONE comes with a powerful RESET™ Air certified data platform enabling you to immediately make sense of the sensors data and understand the air quality situation in your premises and initiate targeted improvements.

At-A-Glance Overview

The overview sections of the dashboard gives you an immediate understanding of the air quality no matter if you monitor 10, 100 or 1,000 rooms.

Built for Communication

The platform is designed to give relevant information to all stakeholders to enable improvements in air quality and energy savings. You can integrate your organisation’s air quality policies being visible right on the dashboard.


Powerful analytics let you concurrently compare spaces to diagnose the causes of underperforming rooms, facilitating improved air quality and increased energy efficiency.

Reports & Alerts

Daily and weekly reports benchmark all rooms and immediately highlight areas that need improvement. Air quality metrics can be grouped to allow comparison of clusters of rooms.

How our Customers trust us

AirGradient has helped us to gain valuable insights into the air quality in each of our classrooms. AirGradient’s dedication to this mission has made it possible for any school or center to monitor their air quality in a cost effective way.

Kay Erikson
Director, Children's Pre-School Center, Palo Alto

AirGradient designed customized marketing material for our marketing team and after we launched the Prem Clean Air campaign, our weekly applications increased exponentially.

Liz Hammond
Director of Development, Prem Tinsulanonda International School

We switched our 200+ sensors to AirGradient because of its user-friendly and responsive dashboard. AirGradient also integrated our other environmental factors like pool and lightning data along with our outdoor heat index into a campus-wide public display.

Mark Hevland
Director of Risk Management, International School Bangkok

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