The AirGradient DIY Sensor

Since AirGradient was born out of a parent’s project wanting to improve the air quality in their children’s school, supporting awareness and education around the topic of air quality was always a strong passion for us.

So we are very happy to announce the AirGradient DIY sensor. It consists of a PCB design, build instructions, and easy to adjust firmware code that enables you or your students to build a powerful air quality sensor.

It will measure PM2.5, CO2, Temperature, and Humidity and can be equipped with a small display. It can also send data with wifi to any server that you define.

If you are a school, feel free to contact us and we can send you a few boards free of charge. Then you just need to order the sensors and MCU with AliExpress or any other vendor and you can build your own air quality sensor.

Link to the AirGradient DIY Sensor Page.