How a Small Day Care Center in Chiang Mai Protects its Children in the Burning Season

A few weeks ago, we donated air quality monitors to a small primary school in Chiang Mai called “The Nest International”. I was really thrilled when they wrote me a small thank-you note and what measures they took to achieve a clean air environment for their children.

It’s great to see that the understanding of not only harmful PM 2.5 levels but also the cognitive impacts of high CO2 are more and more understood in educational circles. With The Nest’s permission I publish their story as well as a photo they sent to us.

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Achim Haug (AirGradient’s Founder & CEO)

The health and wellbeing of our children at The Nest are paramount, so you can imagine our concern when the burning season arrives here in Chiang Mai. To keep the air clean for our children, we put various measures in place.

Last year, we installed air purifiers in each room and we were then lucky enough to acquire a positive air pressure system in each room, with great thanks to a generous parent of a child in our school. We were delighted to see the PM2.5 readings drop dramatically once these were installed. However, we were then made aware of the issues that raised CO2 levels could cause when you have many people in a room and no ventilation (it’s impossible to open windows when the air quality outside is so poor).

As educators, our goal is to provide the highest quality learning environment for our children; this includes both the emotional and physical environment. We were fascinated to learn that raised CO2 levels can have an impact on learning which, along with health concerns, made it essential to find a solution to mitigate this. This is where AirGradient came in! We could not be more grateful for their donation of AirGradient indoor and outdoor air quality monitors. We are now able to monitor PM2.5 and CO2 levels accurately inside and outside of the school, which is invaluable when it comes to peace of mind for parents and teachers, knowing our children are safe and healthy while they learn and play.

Thank you so much AirGradient for your extremely generous donation to our small learning community! On behalf of the teachers, parents and especially the children, we want to thank you for your tremendous gift. Happy faces, happy learning!

The Nest International

by Achim Haug
May 27, 2024

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