Breathe Safe Air Blog

by Achim Haug

The other day a customer asked me what kind of air pollution masks I would recommend and during my research, I came across a great blog called “Breathe Safe Air“.

Ethan the person behind Breathe Safe Air reviews masks, air purifiers, and air monitors. There are a few things that I do really like on his blog so I decided to write about it because it really deserves mentioning.


Ethan is extremely transparent about any potential conflict of interests and explicitly states that he does not do any paid reviews but earns small commissions via affiliate links and advertisements on is blog. He actually dedicates a whole page to disclaimers and ethics!

Science First!

Ethan also states that “I only accept reviews for products that have scientific evidence behind them” which underlines the quality of his reviews. Especially when it comes to air quality purification, the science and performance of the products is so much more important than marketing fluff and unfortunately, there are quite a number of purification devices out there that simply do not work and make wrong claims (here an example)!

In-depth Reviews

Ethan really takes the time in his reviews to look at a product from all angles and presents them with a clear structure. Heck, his reviews even have a table of contents!

In his mask reviews, Ethan also stresses the lifespan of the filters and whether the filters can be replaced, and at what costs. This gives a good indication of the total costs of ownership.

This is just a short shout out about a great blog I came across this morning. Now all of you, head over to, enjoy the reviews, and leave some comments for Ethan!

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