What do you get if you add a Determined Teacher, a Mud House, Six Air Purifiers and a Few Holes?

You get an air purified cooperative preschool!

Here at Chiang Mai Grow-operative, we care about air quality, especially for our children. We know we cannot control the air quality in and around Chiang Mai, but we do know we can control the indoor air quality of The Mud House, the location of our play-based cooperative preschool. We control it because we believe clean air is a necessity and we want parents to know that when their children attend our play-based preschool, they are breathing the cleanest air while playing indoors.

The Mud House at the Chiang Mai Grow-operative

The Mud House was not designed for clean indoor air during Chiang Mai’s ‘smokey season’ so we had to make some improvements. Last year we replaced the door with one that was self closing and the ceiling to decrease the gaps. This year we have sealed gaps (with duct tape) from inches to millimetres thick while installing 4 air purifiers outside and 2 inside.

The original design of the earth building had included holes a few inches from the floor to allow cool air to flow into the building. However, these holes also worked perfectly when we installed our four locally made AirDeveloppa purifiers outside. Due to the low cost and sustainable design of the purifiers, we were able to attach silver piping from the purifiers to the pipers and pump purified air into the Mud House, creating positive pressure and therefore a more effective system to bring clean air to our children. We also attached locally made umbrellas to protect the purifiers from the heat and the rain.

We are very grateful for the donation of an AirGradient ONE that enables us to share indoor air quality with parents and to help us implement our air quality protocols, the Open Air has enabled us to also monitor the air quality directly outside the Mud House. The cost effective and efficient air purification system we created coupled with the accurate recording of the indoor and outdoor air quality courtesy of AirGradient allows parents to relax knowing that when their children attend our preschool program, their children are breathing clean, quality air as they play.

The AirGradient Open Air outdoor monitor installed on the outside wall

Comment by Achim Haug (AirGradient’s Founder & CEO)

“It’s great to see how determined community members like Anthony are able to make such a difference and provide a healthy place for children! Part of our mission at AirGradient is to support these kind of projects and share the news that you can actually DO something to reduce your exposure to harmful pollution.

Below chart with the indoor air quality shows how quickly the air quality improves when Anthony switches on the system in the morning and demonstrates that clean air often needs determination more than lots of money!

Come and join us to fight air pollution! Get in touch with us if you are an NGO and need support for similar projects!"

The colored bars demonstrate how the air quality improves when the system is switched on.

by Anthony Biddlcombe from the Chiang Mai Grow-operative
Apr 2, 2024

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