CO2 Traffic Light to Reduce Covid-19 Transmission Risk

by Achim Haug

The WHO and leading health authorities agree that increased ventilation is a critical factor in reducing COVID-19 transmission in schools.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) level monitoring is a practical, cost-effective, and reliable method of determining the adequacy of ventilation in classrooms.

The Federation of European Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Associations (REHVA) specifically recommends CO2 Traffic Lights as a practical monitoring tool for optimizing ventilation. AirGradient CO2 Traffic Lights help schools quickly meet new CO2 monitoring and ventilation requirements for reducing COVID-19 transmission risk.

We have recently upgraded our AirGradient air quality sensor to be able to display different colors on the enclosure and function for example as a CO2 traffic light.

This new feature is fully customizable e.g.

  • Choose what metric you would like to display on the sensor (or no metric at all if you prefer distraction-free monitoring)
  • Change the pre-defined color bands depending on your school’s policy for CO2 and PM2.5 management
  • Connect it to our powerful AirGradient Cloud or operate it in a simple stand-alone mode that does not need any wifi connection
  • AirGradient Cloud is specifically tailored for schools:
  • Configurable Email notifications
  • Powerful analytics with historical charts
  • Switch off traffic light during holidays and after school hours
  • Flexible reports and website widgets
  • Integration with air ventilation systems

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