Launching the Open Air Outdoor Monitor

Launching the AirGradient Outdoor Monitor

As many of you probably know, we have been working hard on an open hardware outdoor air quality monitor for quite some time. I am very happy to let you know that we completed the design, started the production process and are opening it today for pre-order.

Fully assembled AirGradient DIY PRO kit.

The Key Features of the Monitor are:

  • Fully open-source code so you can easily make adjustments
  • Pre-soldered, easy to assemble, no soldering required
  • Custom designed, beautiful weather proof enclosure
  • Measures PM1, PM2.5, PM10, temperature and humidity
  • Dual Plantower PM5003T sensors for enhanced accuracy
  • Can be mounted on walls with 2 screws or on poles with 2 zip ties
  • Wemos D1 MCU
  • Includes 2m USB C cable
  • PCB has a slot for TVOC or other sensor (sensor not included)

More information can be found on our dedicated page.

If you want to get the pre-order discount and support the production of this unit you can order now in our online shop.

I am grateful for the many people that contributed to the design and development and helped to not only create a highly functional and accurate design but also something visually appealing. A special thanks goes to Rinat Alima from Onion Studio for her support on the product design of the monitor.

by Achim Haug
Dec 15, 2022

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