We Own All Rights to all Data Collected via Products Purchased by You.

I wanted to write a review about a very popular indoor air quality monitor. During the installation, I was asked to accept this company’s Terms of Use.

I was curious and actually read them 🙂.

One term in particular grabbed my attention:

  • We own and shall retain ownership of all rights to all data and information collected via the Services provided to you (excluding User Information) and/or Products purchased by you (collectively, the “Data”). Data is our property, and we are entitled to use, reproduce, create derivatives of, share, license, distribute, and otherwise dispose of such Data in the course of our business.

Let’s take a moment and let this sink in. You spend a few hundred dollars to buy a monitor to measure the air quality in your home. Basically the only value that the device provides is the data.

Why does the manufacturer disallow you to own the very benefit that the device provides?

Isn’t that similar to if a camera manufacturer would sell you a camera and then wants to own all the pictures you take with it?

Let me know your thoughts on this!

PS: There is a much better way to treat your customers. Read the AirGradients Terms & Conditions.

by Achim Haug
Feb 8, 2024

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