The AirGradient DIY Outdoor Pilot Program


These instructions are for our small beta tester group and contains a special firmware for testing purposes. This firmware only works for people in this pilot program. If you are interested to join the pilot, please contact us.

If you just want to build the regular open hardware version of this outdoor monitor, follow these instructions. You can also pre-order this outdoor monitor as a kit in our Online Store.

Flashing of Pilot Firmware Through The Browser

Connect the D1 Mini to your computer through a data-capable cable and press the button below. Make sure you use the Chrome or Edge browsers on your computer for this to work.

DIY Outdoor Pilot Firmware
Your browser doesn't support this. Please use Chrome or Edge on Mac or PC. You are not allowed to use this on HTTP!

Connecting to WiFi Testing And Putting It Into The Enclosure

Now you can power on the device. You need to connect it to the Wi-Fi. To do this open you Wi-Fi settings on the phone and look for a hot spot called “AirGradient______”. Then connect to it and enter your Wi-Fi network credentials. It will then connect to Wi-Fi and start displaying and sending the air quality data.

Important: Please write down the serial number of the monitor. It is the code you see on the SSID after “AirGradient”. You need this code to add the monitor to the dashboard and for us to white list the monitor. In case you have any issue, please contact us.

If everything works, you can put the two PMS sensors and the PCB into the enclosure and close the enclosure with four screws. You need an M6 torx screwdriver.

3D Enclosure

You can download STL 3D printer files to print an enclosure that exactly fits the PCB. The 3D enclosure consists of three parts: two parts for the bottom and a bigger top part.

Download Enclosure STL Files

3D printable Outdoor enclosure

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