The AirGradient DIY BASIC Sensor Enclosure

Just a quick shout out that we have 3D printer files to print your own enclosure.

It fits the DIY PCB perfectly and consists of a top and bottom part that snap together. There are two different top parts depending on if you use the display or not.

There is also an optional temperature probe that can be snapped on for a more accurate temperature reading.

Download New Enclosure STI Files

In case you want to make any changes on the enclosure, here is the STEP file of the complete assemply complete assemply.

A big thank you to Rico Jay Beringuela who volunteered his time to design this enclosure. He is a very experienced engineer in 3D modelling especially on plastic injection mold design and simulations, product technical 2d drawings and rendering. In case you want to work with Rico, you can reach him under or WhatsApp +639368830540.

Thor, a member of the AirGradient DIY forum designed a great modular enclosure that might be more flexible in some use cases.

We also still have the STL files for our previous enclosure:

Download Old Enclosure STI Files

Download Old Wall Mount STL File