AirGradient Integrations

The vibrant community behind AirGradient has developed and is maintaining a number of integrations of the air quality monitors into various systems like home assistant.

If you maintain or know about an integration missing here, please get in touch with us.

Airdash - AirGradient Information in Mac Status Bar

Introduction Lukasz Jagiello wrote a great small widget for Mac users that displays air quality in the mac menu bar.

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AirGradient with ESPHome (Home Assistant)

Introduction An air quality monitor is a great addition to a smart home system and one of the most popular integration with AirGradient is to Home Assistant with ESPHome.

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AirGradient with HomeKit (Apple)

Introduction Gottfried Haider made a great integration to HomeKit that allows AirGradient monitors to send data directly to Homekit. We tested it and can confirm that the version works great on the PCB v 3.

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openHAB Integration

Introduction Many thanks to Jørgen Austvik for writing an integration with openHAB. It pulls data into openHAB via the AirGradient API.

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