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Studies show that indoor air often has very high levels of CO2 and in some areas particles (PM2.5). We provide a customized indoor air monitoring solution for offices to ensure that you, your staff and your customers are breathing healthy air.

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“… human cognitive function declined by about 15% when indoor CO₂ reached 945 parts per million and crashed by 50% when indoor CO₂ reached 1,400 parts per million.”

Harvard and Syracuse University 2016

Why Indoor Air Quality is Important for a healthy Workplace

Clean air will directly impact your employee’s health and wellbeing and lower CO2 levels will improve their cognitive performance.

Health & Safety

Poor indoor air quality in offices has a negative effect on your employees health and productivity.

Energy Savings

With an effective indoor air quality monitoring system in place, the whole office can operate more efficiently and achieve energy savings helping to reduce cost and CO2-footprint.

Reduce Sick Days

Improved indoor air quality creates an optimal environment for health and well-being and reduces sick days.

Be an attrative Employer

Attract the best talent with a healthy work environment and climate and create a healthy and high perfomance workplace.

Get your Building certified

The AirGradient platform has been tested and approved by the RESET standard.
Get your building certified with RESET, WELL, LEED or other green building standards.


What makes AirGradient Special?

Measure what Matters

Our industry grade sensor accurately measures temperature, humidity, CO2, PM2.5 and VOCs.
Connect through Wifi or modbus.

Reports and Alerts

Setup specific alerts to relevant staff to be immediately informed if air quality is outside defined ranges.
Get powerful daily reports detailing the air quality of each area.

Realtime Dashboard & Displays

The powerful dashboard lets you immediately see in which area of your office the air is unhealthy or energy is wasted.

Sensor as a Service

We include the sensor hardware in an affordable annual fee. Cover your whole office without large upfront costs for hardware and start to benefit immediately.

Indoor levels of carbon dioxide could be clouding our thinking and may even pose a wider danger to human health, researchers say.

The Guardian, July 2019

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