We’ve pledged 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

Powerful Air Quality Solutions for Offices

Studies show that indoor air often has very high levels of CO2 and in some areas particles (PM2.5). We provide a customized indoor air monitoring solution for offices to ensure that you, your staff and your customers are breathing healthy air.

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“… human cognitive function declined by about 15% when indoor CO₂ reached 945 parts per million and crashed by 50% when indoor CO₂ reached 1,400 parts per million.”

Harvard and Syracuse University 2016

Why Indoor Air Quality is Important for a healthy Workplace

Clean air will directly impact your employee’s health and wellbeing and lower CO2 levels will improve their cognitive performance.

Health & Safety

Poor indoor air quality in offices has a negative effect on your employees health and productivity.

Energy Savings

With an effective indoor air quality monitoring system in place, the whole office can operate more efficiently and achieve energy savings helping to reduce cost and CO2-footprint.

Reduce Sick Days

Improved indoor air quality creates an optimal environment for health and well-being and reduces sick days.

Be an attractive Employer

Attract the best talent with a healthy work environment and climate and create a healthy and high perfomance workplace.

Get your Building certified

The AirGradient platform has been tested and approved by the RESET standard.
Get your building certified with RESET, WELL, LEED or other green building standards.


What makes AirGradient Different

100% commitment to accurate and sustainable air quality monitoring.


We are working with leading universities to achieve high levels of accuracy. Additionally, our indoor monitor is RESET AIR certified.

Long Lasting

All components have been selected for maximum lifetime. The monitor is easy to maintain and repair and we provide spare parts.

Supporting the Clean Air Movement

We actively support organizations that work towards a healthier air quality by providing open source monitor kits, workshops and donations.

Friendly Support

We are known for giving 100% to help our customers reach their goals. Get in touch with us. We love to hear from you and how we can support you in monitoring your air quality!

Open Designs

Our indoor and outdoor monitors are available as open hardware / open software designs with complete build instructions.


We actively support organizations in all parts of the world with affordable monitoring hardware and donations. Contact us to discuss how we can support your organization.

Data Ownership

Unlike competitors, the data your monitor delivers belongs to you. Period. We support organizations with proper attribution for the networks they setup.

Designed for Sustainability

We design our products to have a low environmental footprint, use paper based packaging material and also request our suppliers to use environmentally-friendly packaging material.

Feedback from our Customers

AirGradient has helped us to gain valuable insights into the air quality in each of our classrooms. AirGradient’s dedication to this mission has made it possible for any school or center to monitor their air quality in a cost effective way.

Kay Erikson
Director, Children's Pre-School Center, Palo Alto

Having tested numerous air quality sensors for the projects we are doing I found myself extremely impressed with AirGradient. Not only are they technically first class with their product, they have a level of engagement and adaptability which makes working with them very easy. A welcome element to this is their clear commitment to the importance of environmental issues, showing itself in their interest in the details of our projects - all this helps them to deliver…!

Professor Rod Jones
University of Cambridge

Having used the AirGradient indoor DIY kits as well as the commercial AirGradient ONE in awareness projects with schools and universities here in Thailand, I am very keen on piloting this new outdoor monitor. I am also interested in exchanging ideas and resources for student engagement with this open source projct.

We switched our 200+ sensors to AirGradient because of its user-friendly and responsive dashboard. AirGradient also integrated our other environmental factors like pool and lightning data along with our outdoor heat index into a campus-wide public display.

Mark Hevland
Director of Risk Management, International School Bangkok

Having tested almost every sensor on the market, it was great to come across AirGradient. Finally there is a simple device with easy onboarding and a reliable API data connection. Great for our platform which is focused on both reporting and improving indoor air quality.

Michael Driedger
Chief Executive Officer airsset

AirGradient have consistently gone above and beyond their contractual duties in order to better support the SAMHE Project. They have shown great flexibility and a genuine interest to listen to the complex needs of the project; as a result, they deliver valuable products and a friendly service, both in a manner that is timely for the project.

Dr. Henry Burridge
Imperial College London

Our Story

AirGradient started as a volunteer project to help a school in Northern Thailand monitor the air quality in classrooms during the highly polluted “burning season”. From the start, we worked with students and educators to not only increase awareness in the area of air quality by building monitors but also in understanding the health impacts of air pollution, and the positive changes that can be made to reducing air pollution.

So from the beginning we put a strong focus on open designs, robust and long-lasting hardware and a strong desire to support people from all around the world with affordable and effective air quality solutions. We believe companies like ours need to act responsible and work towards a healthier and more sustainable environment. As a result joined the 1% for the Planet movement where we pledge to donate 1% of our sales to organisations protecting our planet.

In our industry we see trends that are against people's benefit e.g. locking customers into subscriptions, not allowing customers to own the air quality data they generate or high ongoing costs e.g. through expensive expansion modules. With our open hardware, open source and open data approach we strive to provide much higher ongoing value for our customers.

We actively work together with partners from all around the world that share our vision to make accurate air quality monitoring affordable and accessible. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions or your project to share!

Indoor levels of carbon dioxide could be clouding our thinking and may even pose a wider danger to human health, researchers say.

The Guardian, July 2019

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