Open AirGradient

Open AirGradient is an organizational unit of AirGradient aiming to increase air quality awareness by providing open-source air quality monitoring hardware and by freely collaborating with other organisations to share knowledge and data with the public.

Open-source Air Quality Monitoring Hardware

With our expertise in air quality monitoring, we want to provide an open platform for building air quality monitors and enable citizens and organizations around the world to measure the air quality, share the data and have a positive impact on the environment and health.

The experience and expertise that we gained designing and manufacturing our professional AirGradient ONE RESET Air Accredited Monitor has been put into our open source / open hardware air quality build instructions and kits.

The industry-grade sensor modules used in the DIY instructions are the same modules found in pre-built monitors costing hundreds of dollars. As a result, you get highly accurate data quality that is essential to have a reliable understanding of the air around you.

Fostering Awareness Of Air Quality

AirGradient started as a volunteer project to help a school in Northern Thailand monitor the air quality in classrooms during the highly polluted “burning season”. From the start, we worked with students and educators to not only increase awareness in the area of air quality by building monitors but also in understanding the health impacts of air pollution, and the positive changes that can be made to reducing air pollution.

By building the open-source monitors, students also get a good understanding of the technical and coding aspects as well as the process of connecting the monitors to the AirGradient data platform. Thus taking an active part in making their school a healthier place.

We want to increase awareness of air quality by helping educational institutions engage students when building these monitors and empower them to know more about the air they breathe. All build instructions and code are open-source and open-hardware.

Global and Local Collaborations

We want to encourage and help citizens as well as local and global organizations to better measure the air quality with accurate and reliable low cost monitors that are easy to build and integrate with their specific requirements. Thus creating a network of reliable air quality data that is shared across people, organizations and borders. Contact us if you have an interesting project that we could help with!