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Join thousands of makers builing their own affordable, accurate air quality monitors measuring PM2.5, CO2, Temperature and Humidity. Also available as pre-soldered kits that can be built in a short time. Indoor and outdoor monitors available.

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We’ve pledged 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

The AirGradient DIY Air Quality Monitor Kits

You can either buy the components yourself and build it on your own, or purchase one of our kits from our online shop. We also have pre-soldered kits available that are very easy to assemble and get running.

BASIC Indoor Monitor

Compact air quality monitor with industry grade sensors but without enclosure.

  • AirGradient PCB (Basic)
  • D1 Mini v2/v3 (Micro USB)
  • Senseair S8 CO2 sensor (NDIR)
  • Plantower PMS5003 PM sensor (incl. cable)
  • SHT30 temperature/humidity Sensor
  • OLED display 0.66"
  • Extra female pin headers (20x)
  • 6 months AirGradient data platform (or connect it to your own server, e.g. home assistant)
  • Fully open-source code so you can easily make adjustments

USD 67.00

Build Instructions Basic Kit Purchase the Kit in our Shop

PRO Indoor Monitor

The PRO kit includes a professional plastic enclosure especially designed for accurate air quality measurements. It offers a lot of extensability for additional sensors or other things you might want to add.

  • AirGradient Enclosure with Display Window Bottom Right
  • AirGradient PCB (Pro)
  • D1 Mini v4 (USB C)
  • Senseair S8 CO2 sensor (NDIR)
  • Plantower PMS5003 PM sensor (incl. cable)
  • SHT31 temperature/humidity Sensor
  • OLED display 1.3"
  • USB-C cable (2m, 90 degree)
  • Extra female pin headers
  • Screws for PCB, Enclosure and PMS sensor
  • USB-C and JST connector (for PM sensor)
  • PCB has slots for TVOC, pressure or other sensors (sensors not included)
  • 12 months AirGradient data platform (or connect it to your own server, e.g. home assistant)
  • Fully open-source code so you can easily make adjustments
  • Pre-Soldered version:

  • Can be easily assembled within a few minutes
  • All components pre-soldered. No soldering iron required
  • MCU preflashed. No flashing required
  • 24 months AirGradient data platform

USD 96.00

USD 128.00 (Pre-Soldered)

Build Instructions Pro Kit Build Instructions Pro Pre-Soldered Kit Purchase the Kit in our Shop

Open Air Outdoor Monitor

Outdoor air quality monitor with dual PM modules. Measures PM1, PM2.5, PM10, Temperature and Humidity. Comes with pre-assembled PCB and can be built without soldering within minutes.

  • Weatherproof AirGradient Enclosure
  • All components pre-soldered and tested
  • Fully assembled PCB (Open Air)
  • ESP32-C3-Mini
  • External hardware watchdog on PCB
  • 2x Plantower PMS5003T PM sensor (incl. cable)
  • Temperature / humidity sensor (built into PMS5003T)
  • USB-C cable (4 meter)
  • Screws for enclosure
  • Screws driver
  • PCB has a slot and I/Os for adding additional sensors (e.g. TVOC, Pressure sensor)
  • 24 months AirGradient data platform with map (or connect it to your own server, e.g. home assistant)
  • Fully open-source code so you can easily make adjustments

USD 85.00 (Pre-Soldered)

Build Instructions Purchase the Kit in our Shop

All kits are open-source and you can easily make adjustments in the code and integrate them into your own systems, e.g. Home Assistant.

The AirGradient Dashboard & Map

Since the AirGradient DIY Pro Kits are fully open-cource you can send the data to any server, i.e. Home Assistant. In case you do not have your own data platform we include access to the AirGradient dashboard - a data platform specifically made for air quality monitoring - for up to two years. Outdoor monitors can also be displayed on the AirGradient Map.

Real-Time Dashboard

The powerful dashboard lets you immediately see the air quality and environmental status of multiple locations. Built for speed and scale.


You can set up specific alerts and are notified automatically if air quality is exceeds your defined ranges.

Historical Data

The air quality data is saved in 5 minute intervals and all data can be easily exported for further analysis.


Get powerful daily and weekly reports detailing the air quality of each location, providing you with a clear, concise summaries at a glance.

“We put all our experience and knowledge from developing our high quality air quality monitors into this open source DIY Kit. It is also available as pre-soldered version that you can literally built in minutes.”

Achim Haug, Founder of AirGradient

What makes AirGradient Different

100% commitment to accurate and sustainable air quality monitoring.


We are working with leading universities to achieve high levels of accuracy and for our outdoor monitor are currently running co-location testing in four continents.

Long Lasting

All components have been selected for maximum lifetime. The monitors are easy to assemble, maintain and repair and we provide spare parts.

Supporting the Clean Air Movement

We actively support organizations that work towards a healthier air quality by providing open source monitor kits, workshops and donations.

Friendly Support

We are known for giving 100% to help our customers reach their goals. Get in touch with us. We love to hear from you and how we can support you in monitoring your air quality!

Open Designs

The monitors are licensed under CC license with complete documentation. Our community maintains integrations to popular platforms like Home Assistant.


We actively support organizations in all parts of the world with affordable monitoring hardware and donations. Contact us to discuss how we can support your organization.

Data Ownership

Unlike competitors, the data your monitor delivers belongs to you. Period. We support organizations with proper attribution for the networks they setup.

Designed for Sustainability

We design our products to have a low environmental footprint, use paper based packaging material and also request our suppliers to use environmentally-friendly packaging material.

Feedback from Kit Users

AirGradient have consistently gone above and beyond their contractual duties in order to better support the SAMHE Project. They have shown great flexibility and a genuine interest to listen to the complex needs of the project; as a result, they deliver valuable products and a friendly service, both in a manner that is timely for the project.

Dr. Henry Burridge
Imperial College London

We built 20 DIY sensors to monitor the air quality and particularly CO2 in our nursery. The system works extremely well and the alerts from the AirGradient dashboard platform are very helpful.

Tim Davis

Achim from AirGradient was extremely helpful to sort out a small issue I had during the building of the sensor. I compared the data of the AirGradient DIY sensor with two other air quality monitors that cost much more and the data from the Airgradient seems to be very accurate.

Ethan Flick

The San Joaquin Valley of California has extreme climate injustice and the worst air quality in the United States, yet continues poorly monitored. The SEEN Team has partnered with AirGradient to facilitate low-cost monitoring in rural disadvantaged communities, and to increase awareness and education related to air quality. We intend to provide more and better real-time air quality information for local decision makers to act in the best interest of their underserved communities.

Angel S. Fernandez-Bou, PhD, Central California

Recently picked up an air quality sensor from AirGradient. Fun kit with out-of-the-box data viz. Can see where I had the window open in the morning which resulted in a significant increase in particulates in the air. AC system later filtered them out.


Having tested numerous air quality sensors for the projects we are doing I found myself extremely impressed with AirGradient. Not only are they technically first class with their product, they have a level of engagement and adaptability which makes working with them very easy. A welcome element to this is their clear commitment to the importance of environmental issues, showing itself in their interest in the details of our projects - all this helps them to deliver…!

Professor Rod Jones
University of Cambridge

I was part of the pilot. The build was very easy and the plastic enclosure of the Pro version very nice. I first connected it to Home Assistant on my Pi but then found the dedicated data platform from AirGradient a much better fit.

John Wagen

AirGradient has helped us to gain valuable insights into the air quality in each of our classrooms. AirGradient’s dedication to this mission has made it possible for any school or center to monitor their air quality in a cost effective way.

Kay Erikson
Director, Children's Pre-School Center, Palo Alto

Having used the AirGradient indoor DIY kits as well as the commercial AirGradient ONE in awareness projects with schools and universities here in Thailand, I am very keen on piloting this new outdoor monitor. I am also interested in exchanging ideas and resources for student engagement with this open source projct.

My son has asthma. And I am trying to pass on my love of DYI electronics to him. So I thought we’d build it together to help him track if conditions might be of concern to his health. I’m not sure if Luxembourg’s air is bad, but I wouldn’t call Central Europe exactly good. And with our own sensor we can also track traffic influences etc.


Indoor levels of carbon dioxide could be clouding our thinking and may even pose a wider danger to human health, researchers say.

The Guardian, July 2019

Why we care about Air Quality

AirGradient started as a volunteer project to help a school in Northern Thailand monitor the air quality in classrooms during the highly polluted burning season. From the beginning, we have worked with students and educators to building hardware to increase awareness in the area of air quality, to understand the health impacts of pollutants, and to empower the positive changes that can be made to reduce air pollution.

The experience and expertise that we gained designing and manufacturing our professional AirGradient ONE RESET Air Accredited Monitor has been put into our open-source / open-hardware air quality build instructions and kits.

The industry-grade sensor modules used in the DIY Kits are the same modules found in pre-built monitors costing hundreds of dollars. As a result, you get highly accurate data quality, essential to having a reliable understanding of the air around you.

Advantages ordering from us

Trusted Components

We buy large quantities from trusted suppliers that we work with for quite some time and do quality check on the incoming components. Especially for the PM2.5 sensor, there are often sensors online available that are less accurate than they should be. We test all PM2,5 sensors of the kits in-house and only send them in the kits if they pass our own quality criterias.

All in One Package

When you order parts from different suppliers from China, often some parts take very long to arrive (sometimes even months). With the kits you can ensure you get them delivered all at the same time. Our shipment times to Europe and North America are typically 2-3 weeks.

Kit includes Data Platform

Our kits come with a special DIY Premium Plan for our data platform. So in case you do not want to hook it up to your own data platform, you can use ours for a certain time for free.

Special webinars for large groups and schools

If you have a group of people wanting to build the sensor, e.g. a group of students or a maker space, we are available for a dedicated webinar to explain the build and answer any potential questions. Please contact us for details.