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The Mavericks of Air Quality Monitoring?

From our beginnings helping a school in Northern Thailand monitor the air during the so called ‘Burning Season’ to our strong beliefs in Open Hardware and Open Data. AirGradient is a company that does things differently.

Our Story

AirGradient started as a volunteer project to help a school in Northern Thailand monitor the air quality in classrooms during the highly polluted “burning season”. From the start, we worked with students and educators to not only increase awareness in the area of air quality by building monitors but also in understanding the health impacts of air pollution, and the positive changes that can be made to reducing air pollution.

So from the beginning we put a strong focus on open designs, robust and long-lasting hardware and a strong desire to support people from all around the world with affordable and effective air quality solutions. We believe companies like ours need to act responsible and work towards a healthier and more sustainable environment. As a result joined the 1% for the Planet movement where we pledge to donate 1% of our sales to organizations protecting our planet.

AirGradient is currently the only global air quality monitoring company that makes all its hardware design available for free under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. This means that all electronic schematics, firmware code, CAD files are openly available and we allow (and encourage) other organizations to use them. We also openly publish all our research and algorithms so that others can benefit from the extensive research we are doing.

We live in a world on the brink of climate collapse which will lead to more and more hazardous air-pollution through increased wildfires and heat waves. We want to enable -especially disadvantaged countries and communities- to get access to reliable air quality information by offering affordable air quality monitors on a large scale. Our community of people operating AirGradient indoor and outdoor monitors already consists of thousands in more than 70 countries. They all share the belief that air quality monitoring should be affordable, open and accessible.

Cover Our Maverick Mindset…

At AirGradient, we take pride in our unconventional approach. We don’t follow trends that are bad for customers and the planet; we’re here to lead with openness!

Impact Over Profit

We’re all about maximizing social and environmental impact.

No Trade Secrets Here

We have an Open Source Mindset. We freely share our designs and algorithms, rejecting patents and trade secrets.

Optional Subscriptions: You choose!

We won’t lock you into subscriptions or exclusive platforms.

Repair-Friendly Products

Our monitors are built for sustainability. Repair, don’t replace! Screwdriver included.

Community Minded

We give back. Monitors to those in need, and 1% for the Planet.

We Share, Not Monetize

We’re all about sharing! Air quality data goes to openAQ for research and public awareness.

Interested to learn more about our mindset? Read our Manifesto.

“It’s paradox that countries with the highest air pollution often can’t afford high density air quality monitoring. We work hard to provide open, accurate and affordable monitors so that people can protect themselves against harmful pollution.”

Achim Haug, Founder of AirGradient

Major Successes

Open Hardware

Most popular open-hardware air quality monitors with more than 10.000 units sold to more than 75 countries.

SAMHE Project

Supplier of 2000 air quality monitors to the largest study on indoor classroom air quality in the world. Close co-operation with Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, University of York.

Open Air Co-Location

Leading the most geographically distributed co-location testing of an air quality monitor with 25 research partners on four continents.

AirGradient Featured on BBC Newsround

AirGradient has been selected to provide air quality monitors for the biggest study of air quality in schools anywhere in the world (the SAMHE Project). The objective is to understand classroom air in UK schools post-covid, building an unparalleled data set of air quality in classrooms across the country and improve long-term air quality for all schools.

We Make Your Life Easy Because We Have a Lot of Great Things to Share!

Our commitment to making a meaningful impact, rather than simply chasing profits, might limit our marketing efforts, but it shapes an intriguing profile. We’re deeply involved in significant air quality research initiatives, shedding light on communities struggling with air pollution, all while collaborating with NGOs and charitable organizations. This often means we avoid extensive paid marketing and rely on the authentic narratives rooted in AirGradient’s core values.

Want to see what all the fuss is about?

We are happy to send you monitor samples for your review.

Goodies for your audience

We’re happy to provide giveaways to help spread awareness about air quality.

Get exclusive content

We’re eager to help you in your storytelling efforts by providing specific data, interviews, and quotes about air quality. Just get in touch!

We’ve pledged 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

Feedback From Our Community

AirGradient have consistently gone above and beyond their contractual duties in order to better support the SAMHE Project. They have shown great flexibility and a genuine interest to listen to the complex needs of the project; as a result, they deliver valuable products and a friendly service, both in a manner that is timely for the project.

Dr. Henry Burridge
Imperial College London

The San Joaquin Valley of California has extreme climate injustice and the worst air quality in the United States, yet continues poorly monitored. The SEEN Team has partnered with AirGradient to facilitate low-cost monitoring in rural disadvantaged communities, and to increase awareness and education related to air quality. We intend to provide more and better real-time air quality information for local decision makers to act in the best interest of their underserved communities.

Angel S. Fernandez-Bou, PhD, Central California

Having tested numerous air quality sensors for the projects we are doing I found myself extremely impressed with AirGradient. Not only are they technically first class with their product, they have a level of engagement and adaptability which makes working with them very easy. A welcome element to this is their clear commitment to the importance of environmental issues, showing itself in their interest in the details of our projects - all this helps them to deliver…!

Professor Rod Jones
University of Cambridge

AirGradient has helped us to gain valuable insights into the air quality in each of our classrooms. AirGradient’s dedication to this mission has made it possible for any school or center to monitor their air quality in a cost effective way.

Kay Erikson
Director, Children's Pre-School Center, Palo Alto

Having used the AirGradient indoor DIY kits as well as the commercial AirGradient ONE in awareness projects with schools and universities here in Thailand, I am very keen on piloting this new outdoor monitor. I am also interested in exchanging ideas and resources for student engagement with this open source projct.

My son has asthma. And I am trying to pass on my love of DYI electronics to him. So I thought we’d build it together to help him track if conditions might be of concern to his health. I’m not sure if Luxembourg’s air is bad, but I wouldn’t call Central Europe exactly good. And with our own sensor we can also track traffic influences etc.


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