AirGradient Co-Location Data Request Procedure

AirGradient Co-Location Data Request Procedure

Last Update: 1 June 2023

The following will outline how Participants in the AirGradient Co-Location Study can request data from other participants.

Data from AirGradient

Data from AirGradient will be made available at regular intervals to all Participants via a shared Google Drive.

Public Reference Data

Many of our co-location sites do already make their data available for download over the internet. These public sites will be shared among the Participants.

Private Reference Data

If the data from the Participant is not publicly available but another Participant would like to access the data, the following process needs to be followed:

  1. Requesting Participant will contact AirGradient in writing with details about the requested data
  2. AirGradient will forward the request to the supplying Participant and ask for approval
  3. If data sharing is approved, the supplying Participant will share the data with the requesting Participant via AirGradient

For more information, see the Data Sharing Protocol