Connecting to WiFi

Last Update: 1 June 2023

Please follow these steps to connect the monitor to WiFi:

  1. Power on the monitor
  2. Find a WiFi hotspot called “airgradient-xxxxx” and connect to it. Use the password “cleanair”
  3. On Android 11 or 12, please select “Manage router” if prompted
  4. On some Android version you might need to tap “Tap here to sign in to network”
  5. Wait for the WiFi Manager screen appearing. In case the WiFi manager does not appear, open on your browser
  6. Press “Configure WiFi”
  7. Select the WiFi network or enter it manually in case it is hidden
  8. Enter the password and click “connect”

Please note that the monitor can only communicate with 2.4GHz WiFi networks. For the co-location places where we provide the monitor we typically already setup the monitor on our dashboard and sent the participating institution the login credentials. If you have not received the login or have any other problems, please contact our support .