The AirGradient DIY Kits

by Achim Haug

When we started to give away the AirGradient PCBs and only charged shipping costs, we got a lot of requests from builders about complete kits. So we decided to also offer kits with all the parts you need in two versions. One with CO2 sensor and one without (e.g. for outside usage).

Here are the exact contents of the two kits:

Kit 1 (with CO2 Sensor) Kit 2 (without CO2 Sensor)
AirGradient PCB AirGradient PCB
Wemos D1 mini microprocessor Wemos D1 mini microprocessor
Plantower PMS5003 PM sensor Plantower PMS5003 PM sensor
SHT30 Temperature/Humidity Sensor SHT30 Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Small OLED display Small OLED display
Female pin headers Female pin headers
SenseAir S8 CO2 sensor -
USD 66.00 USD 46.00
Order through our AirGradient DIY Shop Order through our AirGradient DIY Shop

Please Note:Price does not include shipment fees (see below), local taxes or custom fees. Since it is a kit, we also cannot offer any warranty as components could break during assembly.

Please note that the KIT is not assembled so you need to follow the built instructions at and soldering skills are required.

Advantages ordering from us

Trusted Components

We buy large quantities from trusted suppliers that we work with for quite some time and do quality check on the incoming components. Especially for the PM2.5 sensor, there are often sensors online available that are less accurate then they should be. We test all PM2,5 sensors of the kits in-house and only send them in the kits if they pass our own quality criterias.

All in One Package

When you order parts from different suppliers from China, often some parts take very long to arrive (sometimes even months). With the kits you can ensure you get them delivered all at the same time. Our shipment times to Europe and North America are typically 2-3 weeks.

Kit includes Data Platform

Our DIY kits come with a special DIY Premium Plan (1 year) for our data platform. So in case you do not want to hook it up to your own data platform, you can use ours for one year for free. Then we charge USD 1.50 / sensor / month.

Free PCBs

You can also get only our PCBs (3 pieces) for only a shipping & handling charge of USD 8.50. Order through our AirGradient DIY Shop.

Special webinars for large groups and schools

If you have a group of people wanting to build the sensor, e.g. a group of students or a maker space, we are available for a dedicated webinar to explain the build and answer any potential questions. Please contact us for details.