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We use industrial grade sensors with high accuracy. The particle sensor uses a laser to perform the measurement and contains a small fan to maintain a constant airflow across the sensing chamber. It is produced by Plantower and has a maximum consistency error of ±10%@100~500μ g/m³. For the CO2 sensor, we use the Sensair S8 CO2 sensor with an ±3% of reading accuracy.
No, our sensors do not have a battery and need to be plugged in at all times. Since we monitor specific rooms or outdoor locations we recommend to fix the sensors at a specific place.
The sensors are not waterproof because there needs to be an active air circulation. We recommend to put the outdoor sensors under an overhanging roof, a porch or covered balcony.
Particles like PM2.5 and CO2 are the most common pollutants that reach high levels indoors. PM2.5 is one of the most dangerous pollutant because with its small size it can be absorbed into the blood causing adversive effects in organs. When running air purifiers to reduce PM2.5 concentrations you normally keep windows closed. This however can lead to very high CO2 concentrations -especially in a classroom with many children. Our comprehensive monitoring solution gives you insights on how to keep a healthy classroom air, balancing keeping both, particles and CO2 in a healthy range.
Air constantly flows within enclosed spaces and thus normally one sensor is accurate enough for offices, classrooms and even auditoriums. If you are unsure about your specific requirements, please contact us.
Besides the sensor, you will find an extra long USB cable and an USB charger. This comes together with a quick start leaflet telling you how to connect the sensor to your wifi.
Our prices are excluding postage and local customs fees that you might have to pay locally. We will advise you the exact postage fees during your order process.
Our sensors need a 2.4GHz Wifi network. All data transmission with the AirGradient server is encrypted and does not need any special ports.