Connect AirGradient ONE to WiFi with the QR code

by Achim Haug

Please follow these steps to connect the monitor to WiFi:

  1. Power on the monitor

  2. Scan the QR code called "Add to WiFi" on the back of the monitor

  3. On Android 11 or 12, please select "Manage router" if prompted

  4. Wait for the WiFi Manager screen popping up. In case the WiFi manager does not appear, open on your browser

  5. Press "Configure WiFi"

  6. Select the WiFi network or enter it manually in case it is hidden

  7. Enter the password and click "connect"

  8. Successful connection is indicated with green LEDs.


  • In case you get red LED feedback:

    • Please ensure that you typed in serial number, Hotspot SSID Name and password correctly

    • Ensure that the WiFi router has internet connection

    • Ensure that the WiFi router is 2.4GHz (5GHz is not supported)

    • Ensure that the WiFi network does not use WPA Enterprise of captive portals

    • Ensure that there is no firewall installed that might block unknown devices in the network. To whitelist devices, the serial number of the monitor corresponds to the MAC address.

  • In some cases the red LED also appears on some routers - even if the password has been entered correctly. In this case please click back in the WiFi Manager and just submit the same WiFi network and password again

  • In case you get orange LED feedback in step 2 means that the server not reachable

    • Contact your local IT responsible. It might be that certain firewall or whitelisting is needed

  • In case you get purple LED feedback in step 2 means that the monitor is not properly configured on the AirGradient dashboard

    • Login onto the AirGradient dashboard and check if the monitor's serial number is listed under the hardware administration and the location with that monitor exists.