Install as an App

by Achim Haug

The dashboard can be installed as an app on your homescreen. This is recommended for better and faster access to the date. Please follow the instructions below based on your operating system.

  1. Google Chrome on Windows, Mac or Linux

    1. Open the website at in Google Chrome

    2. Click on the small + sign in the address bar and then install.

  1. After a short moment, AirGradient will run as an App and can be launched like a standard desktop program.

  1. Safari on iOS

    1. Open the website at in iOS Safari on your iPhone or iPad

    2. Click on “Add to Home Screen”:

    3. AirGradient will then be added to your home screen and you can launch it directly. Kindly note that iOS does not support browser alerts so this feature is not available on iOS.

  1. Chrome on Android

    1. Open the website at in Google Chrome on Android

    2. After using the website a while, you will see a message asking you to add it to the homescreen. Alternatively you can go to the Chrome Menu and select “Add to Homescreen”: