Mounting and Installation Instructions

by Achim Haug

Please ensure that the monitor is mounted on the wall in the correct orientation and with unobstructed air flow at the bottom and top of the monitor.

The monitor enclosure cable management allows for use of a wall socket above or below the monitor. The monitor must remain plugged in with power at all times to ensure uninterrupted operation of the device.

The monitor should be placed away from doors, windows ventilation or HVAC registers, and avoid direct sunlight, specifically please ensure:

  • Height: Please do not place the sensor below 100cm or above 300cm on the wall. Ideally it should be placed between 150-250cm.

  • Walls: Please ensure that the walls are not hot due to outside exposure as this might negatively influence the temperature sensor.

  • Sunlight: In order to get accurate temperature readings, please ensure that the sensor unit is not exposed to direct sunlight at any time of the day.

  • Doors/Windows: In order to have stable readings, we recommend not to put the sensor unit close to doors or windows.

  • Air Conditioner / Ventilation Outlet: Please do not place the sensors closer than 90cm to any A/C or ventilation outlet.