MQTT Configuration AirGradient ONE

by Achim Haug

AirGradient ONE can send the data not only to the AirGradient Cloud but also to a local or remote MQTT broker.

Protocol and Payload

Under Place/User Administration, General Place Settings, the MQTT broker can be added:

If your broker has a username and password it can be set in this pattern "mqtts://".

The payload is send under the following Topic: airgradient/readings/{{SENSOR SERIAL NR}}

And the payload is JSON structured:


wifi: WiFi Strength in DBm

ssid: Name of hotspot sensor is connected to

hwVersion: Hardware Version of Sensor

atmp: Temperature in °C

rhum: Relative Humidity in %

tvoc: Total Volatile Components in ppb

rco2: CO2 in ppm

pm01: PM1 in μg/m³

pm02: PM2.5 in μg/m³

pm10: PM10 in μg/m³