MQTT Configuration AirGradient ONE

by Achim Haug

Important: MQTT is currently only supported on the previous AirGradient ONE generation 8. We are working on adding this functionality to the latest version and it should be available soon.

AirGradient ONE (gen 8) can send the data not only to the AirGradient Cloud but also to a local or remote MQTT broker.

Protocol and Payload

Under Place/User Administration, General Place Settings, the MQTT broker can be added:

If your broker has a username and password it can be set in this pattern "mqtts://".

The payload is send under the following Topic: airgradient/readings/{{SENSOR SERIAL NR}}

And the payload is JSON structured:


wifi: WiFi Strength in DBm

ssid: Name of hotspot sensor is connected to

hwVersion: Hardware Version of Sensor

atmp: Temperature in °C

rhum: Relative Humidity in %

tvoc: Total Volatile Components in ppb

rco2: CO2 in ppm

pm01: PM1 in μg/m³

pm02: PM2.5 in μg/m³

pm10: PM10 in μg/m³