Quick Start User Guide

by Achim Haug


AirGradient is a powerful system to continuously measure the air quality in classrooms, common areas and outside locations. It consists of a network of sensors that transmit data to a cloud based dashboard providing tailored real time data, alerts and reports for various stakeholders (principals, health and safety officers, teachers, students and parents).

All sensor data is accessible on the AirGradient website

To access the website, go to: https://app.airgradient.com/dashboard

You can either create your own account or use a Google account to login. All users need to be invited by the administrator of AirGradient in order to access the system.

Main Navigation

Once you are logged in, you can use the hamburger menu on the top left as main navigation to access the main areas of the application.

Places Selector: On top of the hamburger menu is the places selector with the name of your organization's location. In case you are managing more than one location, you can switch between the different organisations here. 

Dashboard: This is the main page where you can see all the important air quality data. The dashboard will be explained in a special section below.

All Locations: This page provides a comprehensive table of air quality data of all locations within your organisation. It allows easy sorting and searching for specific locations.

Export Data: Easy interface to export CSV data of your sensor for a specific time frame.

User Settings: Here you can manage some of your personal settings, e.g.: password changes or alerts. 


The dashboard is divided into four main areas:

  1. Overview Outside: On the top left of the dashboard you get information about the outside air quality with the current policy displayed. You will also see general metrics like current PM2.5, Temperature, Humidity or Purification Performance. The Chart below gives you the recent development of PM2.5. Clicking on the top right of the Outdoor Average chart allows you to see different time horizons.

  1. Overview Inside: On the top right you can see an overview of all your indoor locations in regards to PM2.5 and CO2. The two charts on the top show the number of rooms in the respective air quality levels (green, yellow, red, etc) for PM2.5 and CO2. This allows you to immediately see how good the air quality is in all your locations. In the table below, the locations with the worst air quality are ranked first. By clicking on the values you can see a history chart of that specific room.

  2. Locations: Below these two overview sections, you will see all your indoor and outdoor locations: By clicking on the values, a popup will open with more detailed historical data of this location. 

If you want to find quickly the air quality of a specific location, you can use the filter search box:

You can also sort the data by clicking on the sort headers.

User Settings

In the User Settings you can subscribe to alarms that the administrator has set up.