Setup Alarms

by Achim Haug

You can reach the Place Administration with the hamburger menu or via Please note that this administration menu is ONLY available for administrators.

Tab Alarms

Here you can define organisational wide alarms. In order for the different users of the organisation to receive these alarms, these users have to subscribe to these alarms.

  • Title: A short title of the alarm

  • Description: A description of the alarm that contains more details, e.g. which locations it applies to

  • Triggers: Some alarms you might only receive during operating hours. This can be defined here

  • Duration met: How long does the condition has to be existing before the alarm fires. This is helpful to e.g. avoid many alarms on short term spikes

  • Measure: Define the air quality parameter for which this alarm should be triggered

  • Threshold & Operator: Defines the condition of the trigger

  • Activated: Here you can activate / deactivate the alarms