Recycling Policy

by CSR Policy

We focus on designing products for maximum lifetime and easy repairability. We commit to offer spare parts and repair service as long as we can get the supplies.

We design our products to have a low environmental footprint and we avoid mixed materials as much as possible. If a product reaches its end of life, it can be easily disassembled and recycled or returned to us.

You can send broken units or units at the end of life back to our company. We will then refurbish / repair the units and donate them to schools in Asia’s most affected regions by air pollution.

Please send units to:

Airgradient Limited

181 M.10 Baan Nam Long Soi 2

Chiang Mai 50180


If you would like to know to which school we donated the recycled unit, please inform us via our support form about the unit(s) that you will return to us.