Terms & Conditions

We at AirGradient strongly believe in open-source hardware, open-data and that users should not be restricted in the way they are using our products.

Our Terms and Conditions reflect this:

  • YOU own the data your monitor! However, we encourage users to share their data for common good and research, e.g. with openAQ.
  • Reverse engineering allowed ;) Being open-hardware, we invite makers to extend our air quality monitors and explicitly allow additions on the hardware as well as the software. However, it would be great if you share your developments with our great community.
  • Self-repair encouraged! We designed our monitors to have maximum life-time and make it super easy to repair them. We will offer spare-parts as long as they are available.
  • No lock-in. Use the AirGradient data platform or flash another firmware and connect it to any other server like Home Assistant. Your device will never become a brick!
  • No tracking. We value your privacy, and you might have noticed that our main landing page does not have a ‘cookie banner’. Why not? Because we do NOT track your visits on a personal identifiable level, so we don’t actually need that banner. Curious to know more about how we handle your privacy, read our Privacy Notice.
  • Respect. Please be a nice person and treat the community, the environment as well as our infrastructure nicely. Don’t do harm and don’t behave badly. In case you are not happy with something, reach out to us to find a good solution!

That’s the key points of our terms and basically all you need to know. In case you like to read fine print, you can read the detailed version here

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us

Last Updated: February 6th, 2024

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